Why was my ad not accepted?

A campaign might not be accepted by our Compliance team for the following reasons:

  • Tech-support offers
  • Malware, Phishing, Viruses
  • Scareware, aggressive/misleading landing pages
  • Unauthorised use of brand or trademark
  • Rotating non-approved landing pages
  • Automatic downloads
  • Landing pages that do not close
  • Pornography featuring children or animals
  • Threats, violence, hate speech

Some examples:

Antivirus products and services

We allow the promotion of antivirus software provided the following requirements are met:

  • The ad cannot be malicious
  • The ad, site-under or landing page may not use aggressive, affirmative or threatening language.

Examples are below:

  1. ”You have a virus” or “Your computer is infected” - Not accepted
  2. ”You may have a virus” or “Your computer might have a virus” - Not accepted
  3. "Download to get better protection against malware" - Accepted
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