Why do I have so many visitors on my website yet low impressions?

There are several reasons why your dashboard might be showing lower impressions:

  • Impressions vs. Page views -  we monetize impressions and not page views.
  • Blocking software -  unless you are using Wiget’s anti-ad blocker solution, the ads on your website will not be shown and therefore affect traffic.
  • Other site-unders - if you are running site-unders from other networks and place their script code before ours it is possible that our ads will have less visibility, therefore affecting your revenue.
  • Time zone - we use UTC in our system. Please, make sure your analytics tool is set to the same time zone.
  • Tracking code - When a visitor leaves your page before it is fully loaded, the tracking code may not be executed. In this case, your analytics tool will detect a page view but not an impression.

You can always contact our support team if you have any questions.

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