How do I create a new campaign?

Go to the tab Campaign Groups and click on the green button Create Campaign Group. Name your Campaign Group and then click on the button Create Group.

Now you will need to create your Campaign. Click on the Campaign Group you created and then click on the green button Create campaign.

n the Basics tab name your campaign. Then you can start selecting different options. Select the Frequency Cap (1/24 is selected by default), the dates you want to run your campaign and the platform (Desktop and Mobile is selected by default).  

Move on the next tab Targeting and start by selecting the Geos, Devices, Operating systems, Browsers, Days, Carriers, Connections that you want to target (All is targeted by default).  

Move to the next tab called Ads and create your ad. Insert your landing page URL in the field called “Landing Page URL”. Add macros if needed.

Click Create Ad and you are done! 

Now the campaign is on a "Pending" status and in the queue for our Compliance to check. After the moderation is done the campaign will go live, usually within 2-3 hours. 

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