How do I create a new campaign?

On the left main menu go to the tab Campaign Groups and click on the green button Create Campaign Group. Name your Campaign Group and then click on the button Create Group.

Now you will need to create your Campaign. Click on the Campaign Group you created and then click on the green button Create campaign.

In the Basics tab name your campaign. Then you can start selecting different options. Select the Frequency Cap (1/24 is selected by default), the dates you want to run your campaign and the platform (Desktop and Mobile is selected by default).  

Move on the next tab Targeting and start by selecting the Geos, Devices, Operating systems, Browsers, Days, Carriers, Connections that you want to target (All is targeted by default).  

Move to the next tab called Traffic Sources and start by selecting the categories or the placements you want to target. RON (Run on Network) is selected by default. You can also blacklist specific categories or placement id's when you select the Blacklist tab.


Move to the next tab called Ads and select one of the following ad format:

  • Landing page Ad (pop-under or site-under)
  • Push Ad (push notification for both mobile and Desktop)
  • Native Ad (Contextual native ad)

For the Landing page ad, type the ad name, your landing page URL including http:// or https://. Add macros if needed.

For the Push Ad, type the ad name, click on the " "Upload image" to upload the image that will appear in the ad. Make sure to add only images that are 192x192 px (jpeg or png) and max 200KB size. Add the Title (max 32 characters), the Description (max 70 characters) and the URL including http:// or https://. Add macros if needed. Select the Category your ad is about by clicking on the icon 711ea12f400d5cde964ccc238e9c9c7f.png

In one campaign you can create multiple ads for both Landing page Ad and Push Ad if you want to A/B test. 


Move to the next tab called Bids and there you can place your bid. For Landing Page ads you can have a CPM bid only and for Push Notifications you can select both CPC and CPM bidding model. Then select your Daily and Total budget and your distribution budget (ASAP or Evenly). The minimum CPM bid for Landing Page is $0.60 and for Push notifications is $0.05 CPC and $0.1 CPM but we recommend to start higher than that. You can also get bid suggestions per Geo from our support team or your Account Manager. 


Click Create Campaign/Ad and you are done! 

Now the campaign is on a "Pending" status (if you click on the Ads tab you will see the ad with a "Yellow" dot)  and in the queue for our Compliance to check. After the moderation is done the campaign will go live if you haven't selected the status to be Inactive, usually within 1-2 hours during working days/hours. 

Tip! We suggest to always start your campaign by targeting RON and with a CPM/CPC higher than the minimum. Set up a s2s tracker so you can see which placement id's are converting best and then start optimizing by either increasing the bid in those placement id's or even by creating a whitelist with the converting sources. 

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