What tracking macros do you work with?

We offer several macros for passing back information to your landing page URL's. Please see full list below:

Name Macro Description
Placement ID {pid} The Placement ID the visitor came from.
Ad ID {adId} The ID of the ad.
Campaign ID {campaignId} The ID of the campaign.
Campaign Group ID {campaignGroupId} The ID of the campaign group.
Advertiser ID {advertiserId} The ID of the advertiser.
Width {width} The width of the ad
Height {height} The height of the ad
Country {country} Two letter country code according to ISO 3166-1
Region/State {region} Region codes. Usually three letters.
Browser {browser} Browsers as string
Operating System {os} Operating System
Transaction ID {transactionId} The transaction ID can be used in S2S Postbacks for conversion tracking.
Cache buster {cache_buster} Random numbers to create a unique url so that browser cache will not be used.
Cost {cost}

The CPM/1000.

Carrier {carrier}

The mobile carrier.

Connection Speed {connectionSpeed} The speed/type of the connection.
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